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The Accreditation Process

The process is:

  • Based on a sound legal footing
  • Independent from government, the medical schools and the medical profession 
  • Trustworthy, fair and transparent.

In each case, the process involves:

  • Self-evaluation by the medical school, which provides an analysis of its performance, with supporting evidence, to Council 
  • Evaluation by Council, including inspection of the campus and clinical training sites by a Medical Council Accreditation Team. Accreditation teams include external assessors who are not Council members, and who are of international standing 
  • The team producing a post-inspection report to be considered by Council
  • Council making a decision on accreditation (as described below)
  • The body responding to the report and to the issues raised by Council
  • Ongoing monitoring by Council.

Decisions open to Council:

At the end of an accreditation process for programmes and bodies, Council has a range of options open to it under the Act. Its decision is based on the extent to which the body and the programme complies with the rules, criteria, standards and guidelines specified by Council.

The options open to the Medical Council are:

  • Approval with one or more conditions attached 
  • Amendment or removal of conditions previously attached
  • Withdrawal of approval
  • Refusal of approval (this option applies only to the body and not to the programme)

Overseas accreditation

Medical schools and medical programmes based outside Ireland that award, or intend to award, an Irish undergraduate medical degree have also undergone an accreditation process by Council. These bodies and programmes, and their accreditation status are shown below:

  • International Medical University linked with NUIG; body and programme fully approved
  • Penang Medical College linked with RCSI and UCD; body and programme fully approved
  • Perdana University - Royal College of Surgeons; body and programme approved with conditions
  • RCSI-Bahrain; body and programme fully improved

Allianze University College of Medical Sciences linked with NUIG and UCC was approved with conditions in 2013. However, the termination of the Allianze link with NUIG and UCC means that the Medical Council will no longer undertake accreditation of this body and programme: approval has lapsed and will not be renewed.

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