Brexit Information in event of a No Deal Scenario

I have a UK qualification and I am already registered on with the Medical Council
In the event of a no deal Brexit, all doctors who are currently on the registered with UK qualifications will remain on the register as their qualifications have already been recognised.

I have a UK qualification and would like to register with the Medical Council to practice medicine in Ireland
Currently, there is EU legislation that allows Irish and UK citizens to have professional qualifications in the healthcare sector recognised. In the event of a no deal Brexit, anyone with a UK qualification already recognised in Ireland will continue to have that qualification recognised.

Should the UK leave the EU without a deal then there will be implications for doctors who have qualified in the UK should they wish to make an application for registration with the Medical Council.

In the event of a no deal Brexit, from 12th April applications for UK qualifications to be recognised in Ireland will be processed similar to all applications from outside the EU. This may mean that the process takes longer.

Under a no deal scenario, the doctors qualified in the UK will no longer be entitled to the privileges of automatic recognition of qualifications as EU qualifications are. The UK will become what is termed a third country, i.e. non-EU.

Doctors seeking registration with the Medical Council coming from third countries are required to either:

  • Complete the Council’s Pre-Registration Examination (PRES) process


  • Be exempted based on rules set by Council

Doctors who have qualified in the UK should review the information set out at the following link which sets out the grounds for exemption from the PRES:

Any applicant should be aware the Council will determine if an exemption applies to an application. Should the Council determine an exemption does not apply then the applicant would be required to undertake the Pre-Registration Examination (PRES) process.